Dark to Light
Dark to Light
Dean Ingram
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Dean Ingram
Ingram Books
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About the Author
Dean Ingram

Readers who's lives are or have been touched in any way
by alcohol and drug addiction
will want to read this book.
My story is not unique, special or other worldly. I’m just a fellow who grew up
without the tools to grow up.  It took me 55 years of trying, succeeding, pissing it all
away, digging myself out, trying again, succeeding and falling right back down the

I think I first started writing verse and poetry in times of high emotion.  I was trying
to express things I couldn’t express out loud.  I was trying to find a way through
some obstacle, emotional or real, for which I had no map.  I found after awhile that
if I just let the thoughts come and let the pen write, that through the darkness of
that particular emotion there would come answers that pointed toward the light.  

I never realized at the time the poignancy of this exercise and how it would shape
my life as I slowly descended into alcoholism and drug addiction accompanied by
clinical depression.  During the middle to late stages of that downward spiral, the
verse and poetry came rushing back.  I would isolate in my shop late at night,
drunk, stoned, depressed and wondered to myself ‘what event would occur that
would help me stop this insanity?’ And I would start writing.  

As I kept writing night after night, I found I couldn’t stop.  It became easier and
easier and although there were no sure answers, the poems always seemed to
point towards hope in the end.   A character would come to mind that may have
been suffering the same as I and how would he get through?  How would he find
the light?  And the words would just come.

May these words help one of you or someone you know who might think that what
they are going through is unique to them, that no one could possibly understand
the depth of emotion that they are feeling and the impossibility of ever recovering
from it.  

So to you, the reader, I am humbled by your willingness to view this work.  I do
hope in someway that it may resonate with you or someone you know.  I hope that
the reader gains understanding of the similarities between us and not the

Our similarities are, to me, significant.  

Some may see this work and resolve that there is no way that we have anything in
common, OK!  

Others will see this work and think, “Oh my God, he’s telling my story but I can’t let
anyone know.”  

Others still may read it, re-read it and find the one word or phrase that shines
some light on their darkness and perhaps shows them that they are not alone, that
there IS help.
I wrote this March 6, 2004, approximately 6 months into my sobriety:

Before the void I stood there seeking

Peeking round the wall I'd built

That kept me from the Light of Truth

In the light God stood there Dancing

The Song He Sang was so Entrancing

The Sound so Strong the wall I'd built

Began to crumble, began to fall

And as more Light shined upon me

I could feel my Spirit rise

And as the last stone of the wall I'd built

Fell to dust before my eyes

I could feel the Love, the Faith, the Peace

I could feel my Spirit fly

I could feel my Spirit dancing

The song it sang was so entrancing

That everyone could hear the call

That the God in me and everyone

Can shatter every wall

Now I'm standing here with clear eyes

In Love, In Faith and Peace

And I know that as my Soul fly's free

It is God's expression of the best of me