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A.A. - what a wonderful program
LifeRing - Non-Spiritual Help for the Alcoholic
Strength and Hope for friends and families of problem drinkers
A treasure chest of resources, information and help
Need Alcohol and Drug Help - Just Call, they are ready to listen
Just like they say!
If you or someone you know is struggling with Meth
Addiction, this is your site.
This is the right place, excellent site.
Dedicated to helping women with addictions
They understand what you're going through
Vast collection of excellent information to get help.
Join this community, help yourself, help others
Addiction Center is your comprehensive addiction information hub.
A fund raising group for Veterans supporting Veterans to
provide for treatment of PTSD, addictions and other mental
health concerns WITH family involved in their care.
Addictionland is designed to help all types of addicts.
Invaluable information and resources to overcome
addiction from alcohol and substance abuse.
Many resources for Recovery, Rehab Centers, Lots of
Detox to Rehab educates people who are addicted and
their families about what addiction is, how it affects the
brain, and hopefully, connect them to the help they need.
Due to the very nature and complexity behind the
disease of addiction, it is important that everyone, from
the person suffering to the loved ones around them, be
fully educated and knowledgeable about the wide
aspects and overreaching elements of addiction.
This is where to start.
Are you an addict?
Take a screening here.  From substance abuse to
PTSD to bi-polar and so much more.  Get some
Excellent source of Rx Drug, Device, and  Healthcare
Safety Information.  Check your prescriptions!
Helping your family and friends with Addiction
Addiction Guide is your reliable source on addiction and
the dangers of illicit substances. We cover how drugs
and alcohol affect the body, how to identify the signs
and symptoms of abuse, and where to seek effective
treatment. Our mission is to guide you and your loved
ones to a healthier life.