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by George H. Edgley

The compelling story that is a must read for
those who love their country.  In "Above and
Beyond', ordinary men and women rise
above the call of duty and perform valiant
acts of courage worthy of the Medal of
Honor to defend their country.  Following a
soviet invasion of the United States, Colonel
Fred Walker, U.S. Ranger, leads his men in
courageous combat, finds love amid the
carnage, and fights the invaders with daring
and audacious deeds while facing
near-impossible odds.
by George H. Edgley

Five young, naive Marines are sent to
Korea in the early stages of the Korean
War.  One returns.  This is their story, a tale
of learning to survive amid the horrors of
war, a tale of courage, determination, and
steadfast dedication to perform their
missions, and a tale of tragic
consequences.  'Lest We Forget' is a tribute
to those who served our nation in Korea as
well as the many veterans of all branches
who served in many conflicts, both those
who returned and those who did not.  For
Marine veterans -- Semper Fi.  For all
veterans --  Lest We Forget.
by George H. Edgley

Chief Troubleshooter and Private eye
Mitch Carson had investigated many
challenging assignments, but none as
strange as this one.  Before he even learns
that the assignment
involves the oil pipeline in Alaska, he faces
two attempts on his life.  Then he
discovers that the two mob bosses he
pursued earlier and who had vowed to kill
him are apparently involved  in some
aspects of the oil operation.  When one of
the oil company's officers turns out to be a
lovely woman who hates to be confined by
clothing, he embarks on a perilous
adventure that leads him North To Valdez
copyright George H. Edgley,
Ingram Books 2014
copyright George H. Edgley,
Ingram Books 2014
by George H. Edgley

Mercenary Captain Bob Olson faces a
savage civil war raging in the South
American nation of Venganza.  Both
government and revolutionaries abandon
all integrity, terrorism is rampant, cruelty is
met with greater cruelty, neither the
innocent or the guilty can emerge
unscathed.  When the government falls,
Olson and other survivors embark on a
perilous attempt to Escape From Parejo
copyright George H. Edgley,
Ingram Books 2014
copyright George H. Edgley,
Ingram Books 2014
copyright George H. Edgley,
Ingram Books 2014 worldwid
by George H. Edgley

The 8th Century B.C. is a tumultuous period
of history dominated by the great Empire of
Assyria. When Assyria invades Israel,
Japhlet, a leader of a small troop, and
Gevirah, an Assyrian woman fleeing from
the harem of Assyrian King Shalmaneser,
find love in this raging cauldron of
uncertainty. To save his own life, Israeli
King Hoshea ultimately deserts his army in a
futile attempt to flee to Egypt. Japhlet, his
men and Gevirah remain trapped inside the
besieged City of Samaria, facing death or
the horrors of slavery. Somehow, they must
escape from the city and reach Judah, their
only haven. Standing in their way, eager to
annihilate them, is the elite of the Assyrian
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Edgley, Ingram Books
2014 worldwide
by George H. Edgley

An ancient scroll with supernatural
powers holds the secret to Menachem
Hacohen's redeeming destiny. Over the
centuries, thousands have been
imprisoned, tortured and killed in efforts
by evil nations to obtain the scroll and
possess its powers. Inheriting the scroll
in communist Poland, Menachem, unable
to read it, escapes to Israel where he
faces further intrigue and murder and
finds love. In the midst of a savage war
for the survival of Israel, Menachem must
discover the secret of his Redeeming
By Richard Parker Grill
"Log of the Sloop Corsair" is a must-read for anyone who ever
sailed, cruised, or dreamed of doing either. A cross between John
Steinbeck and Hunter S. Thompson, Richard Parker "Dick" Grill is
truly a man's man on a man's adventure. Both primal and
cerebral--Dick started out as a Marine in the Korean War and
finished his checkered career as a Nuclear Safety scientist--this
journey of self-discovery will resonate in anyone who ever felt
adrift in the universe, literally or figuratively. Equal parts scientist
and pirate, Dick is above all a self-reliant survivor, funny, sexy, a
boon companion for any time spent on salt water. A Midwest boy
and self-made man, Dick's story is quintessentially American. Read
it, and buy an extra one. You will want to share this book with your
best buddy...but always keep one for yourself.  
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