Reader's who's lives have been or
are touched by drug or alcohol
addiction in any way will want to
read this book

If you are reading this,
you are here for a reason.

Let it find you.


"Dark to Light" peels back the deeply
personal and brutally honest layers of a
broken brain belonging to an alcohol and
drug addict.

Learn how reality is perceived and justified
from behind the eyes of one suffering from
this disease.

Gritty and raw, Dean Ingram offers
tremendous insight and hope for those who
may have lost their own.

Addiction is a beast. It's a lifestyle that is
rarely understood except by those who
have experienced the darkest throes of its
hopeless destruction.

"Dark to Light" is dedicated to readers and
their loved ones whose lives are or have
been touched in any way by alcohol and
drug addiction.

This book is not written by any psychologist,
doctors or sponsored by a rehab facility or a
recovery program.

It is written by a guy who started drinking at
the age of 12.

Over the next 43 years of his alcohol and
drug addiction, he experienced multiple
hospital stays, clinical depression, mental
breakdowns, attempted suicides, rehabs,
recovery programs, divorces and earned
fortunes only to squander them away.
Meet Dean Ingram

"This book is about the darkest time of my life. A complete
and total breakdown of my mind, my body, my emotions, my
heart and everything I held dear.

Taking my own life at that time seemed to me a good idea!

This is the earmark of a terribly broken brain."
"...This book flat sat my ass down with sobering
insight into my own head, my fears, my denials.
Am using it to find my way, one minute at a time.
And it's working. I read
parts of it everyday to get me through...."
-Name withheld by request

"...I cried with tears of truth. Eloquence woven
into pain, an incredible gift woven
into the depths of addiction, pure honesty
woven into recovery...couldn't put this
book down...."
- L.B., Arizona

"...Remarkable, Extraordinary. Once I started
reading "Dark to Light", I couldn't stop. Dean
Ingram's literary talent while falling down the
deep hole of addiction is stunning..."
- L.A.R., Washington

"...Dark to Light by Dean Ingram is incredibly
unique and unlike anything I've ever read in
the Addiction / Recovery genre before (believe
me, I've read a boatload). This books is
NOT 'more of the same'. I get it. I Get It. Dear
God, I FINALLY GET IT. Thank you
Dean Ingram for your extraordinary gift of
-Mrs. M, New Jersey
Get inside the mind of an addict,
experience his hard fought transformation out of 43
years of addiction, find hope for yourself or your loved
one in the throes of addiction, learn how to get help on
our Addiction-Help page.
"Dark to Light"
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